General Update

Posted on: February 11th, 2009 by Jennifer

We are finally starting to feel back to normal, although not quite there yet. We are working on several things, primarily focused on bringing a lot of previous work into the forefront. The Green Shift Supply House has been business as usual, providing tools to everyone wishing to green through products. Our assessments, audits and helping through consulting took a bit of a hit from the lawsuit, as did our quest to help identify the genuine green leaders – simply due to stress and lack of time. We hope to rebuild our strength and spirit and continue on our path to a greener world. We appreciate the support of everyone on board.

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Lawsuit Settlement Agreement

Posted on: September 11th, 2008 by Jennifer

It is difficult to describe the feelings surrounding this event. We are happy that we technically “won” the battle but the damage and the set back is…. more than unfortunate. That being said, the reality is that everyday we are in a battle – whether it be with politicians, manufacturers or just fighting the system – there are many strong forces that are more about maximizing profits and making themselves look good, than there are about ethics, reality, profit with principles, and helping the greater good.

That being said, we have been pleasantly surprised to find some really great environmental leaders – companies, institutions and individuals who are really walking the talk and are right there with us in this fight for a greener world.

For everyone who stood by us, wrote in letters of support and helped to bring some justice to this legal battle, we sincerely appreciate your support and thank you for keeping us on track, cleaning up in this polluted minefield, and helping trudge this path to a greener world.

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A Midsummer Afternoon’s Dream at Eigensinn Farm.

Posted on: July 11th, 2008 by Jennifer

Green Shift™ is happy to endorse a fundraiser in support of the Canadian Chef’s Congress at Eigensinn Farm.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the world-famous Eigensinn Farm, this is a fantastic opportunity to taste the farm’s offerings and sample food from some of Toronto’s top chefs alongside Michael Stadtlander. We’re happy to say that Eigensinn Farm is part of the Green Shift™ program, as are many of the fabulous restaurants involved.

A few names include Jamie Kennedy of Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar, Brad Long of Veritas, Mark Cutrara of Cowbell, Adam Colquhoun of Oyster Boy, and Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. Full details available on the flyer.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit:

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Trademark Infringement/Lawsuit with the Liberal Party of Canada

Posted on: June 23rd, 2008 by Jennifer

Brief Synopsis: On June 18th we learned that the Liberal Party of Canada was infringing on our trademark. We tried to give a polite warning, but unfortunately when they did not immediately cease and desist, we were forced to file a lawsuit against them and issue an injunction. This matter was resolved in an out of court settlement. We have moved any details pertaining to this matter to the website that they had registered without our knowledge.

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Green Shift™ Biodegradable Cups in hundreds of progressive cafes and restaurants across Canada.

Posted on: May 11th, 2007 by Jennifer

Spring/ Summer 2007 Green Shift™ – Events galore: Toronto Pride, Toronto Jazz Festival, Luminato, Flower Child Festival, Bike Week, Al Gore in town, Green Living, and numerous other events, all active participants in our big joint green goal. In total Green Shift™ has worked with at least 100 event planners to see that biodegradable bags, biodegradable cups, plates, takeout containers, straws and more are all the norm, and to ensure that events as a whole can be enjoyed without the major costs to the environment that they traditionally are.

Hope you can make it out to support these great events:

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Green Shift™, working with Center Plate, does behind the scenes greening of the Green Living Show, and the Direct Energy Centre.

Posted on: April 11th, 2007 by Jennifer

Almost all items, that were traditionally disposable challenges with serious environment implications, have experienced a Green Shift™ at at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre. Not just for the Green Living Show but for all events moving forward, Green Shift™ has ensured that everything from biodegradable plates, cups, straws, containers, stir stix and more are in use and being properly disposed of. While we did run into some unexpected challenges with incorrect labelling of recycling bins and unfortunately no compost bins at all when the first show was beginnning, but fortunately that was rectified quickly and now the entire Direct Energy Center has compost bins, well labelled, throughout. And not just biodegradables but as per Green Shift™s mandate, all items have been replaced with the most environmental options on the market, and any areas that are not there yet are on the way. Green Shift™ would like to thank Center Plate, the Catering Company inside of the Direct Energy Center in particular for showing strong commitment to this initiative right from the beginning, and for working with us to make this all a reality.

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Green Shift™ disputes an environmental claim from a company it has touted as a leader for years.

Posted on: March 11th, 2007 by Jennifer

February 2007
Polystyrene – people are seeing the alternatives and a ban is looming

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Bogus O Waste Claim by Toronto Convention Center

Posted on: February 11th, 2007 by Jennifer

‘Toronto convention a historic first: 3000 delegates, zero waste’

While we really try to focus on the good and leave the bad to bury themselves, we do get upset by false claims as it makes it much harder to ever achieve real success. In this case, it just seems we cannot help but say that this article holds very little truth. In reality, this event was barely any better than the standard from the last 10 years, and worse yet, there have been so many better that deserve the praise instead. . Ironically, our city mayor, David Miller, is quoted in this article congratulating the Center on their success. We can’t help but wonder – does he realize that those poly lined paper cups that they claimed to be recyclable at the Convention Centre are the very same issue that the government today suggested should be taxed for the non recyclability – what gives I wonder?? David did you even make it to the event? If you want more details, please call us.

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Green Shift™ introduces a New biodegradable material that cuts landfill load

Posted on: November 11th, 2006 by Jennifer

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Tragically Hip:

Posted on: November 11th, 2006 by Jennifer

Who hasn’t dreamed about going on tour with one’s favourite rock’n’roll band? The interviews, the fans, the parties, oh to savour the gritty taste of life on the musical road! Never done it? Well, neither have we, but several of our products have, and are in fact out there right now!

The ‘Hip are back on the road for a winter tour and this time we’ve helped them to Green Shift™ aspects of their bus tour, as well their backstage parties.

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