Bogus O Waste Claim by Toronto Convention Center

‘Toronto convention a historic first: 3000 delegates, zero waste’

While we really try to focus on the good and leave the bad to bury themselves, we do get upset by false claims as it makes it much harder to ever achieve real success. In this case, it just seems we cannot help but say that this article holds very little truth. In reality, this event was barely any better than the standard from the last 10 years, and worse yet, there have been so many better that deserve the praise instead. . Ironically, our city mayor, David Miller, is quoted in this article congratulating the Center on their success. We can’t help but wonder – does he realize that those poly lined paper cups that they claimed to be recyclable at the Convention Centre are the very same issue that the government today suggested should be taxed for the non recyclability – what gives I wonder?? David did you even make it to the event? If you want more details, please call us.

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