Green Shift™, working with Center Plate, does behind the scenes greening of the Green Living Show, and the Direct Energy Centre.

Almost all items, that were traditionally disposable challenges with serious environment implications, have experienced a Green Shift™ at at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre. Not just for the Green Living Show but for all events moving forward, Green Shift™ has ensured that everything from biodegradable plates, cups, straws, containers, stir stix and more are in use and being properly disposed of. While we did run into some unexpected challenges with incorrect labelling of recycling bins and unfortunately no compost bins at all when the first show was beginnning, but fortunately that was rectified quickly and now the entire Direct Energy Center has compost bins, well labelled, throughout. And not just biodegradables but as per Green Shift™s mandate, all items have been replaced with the most environmental options on the market, and any areas that are not there yet are on the way. Green Shift™ would like to thank Center Plate, the Catering Company inside of the Direct Energy Center in particular for showing strong commitment to this initiative right from the beginning, and for working with us to make this all a reality.

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