GreenShift partners with Institute for the Blind to launch world’s first biodegradable coffee cup.

A Toronto-based environmental consultant and supplier of green products has teamed up with a Memphis-based Center for the Blind, to produce the first truly biodegradable hot drinking cup.

Several years ago, Jennifer Wright, president of Toronto’s Green Shift™ approached Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired to develop a biodegradable paper cup which could breakdown in landfill yet remain cool to the touch. In striving to source the most environmentally friendly cup possible, the alliance had a few obstacles to overcome.

“Coatings found on most cups are made from petroleum-based products, which don’t breakdown and contain toxic chemicals,” said Wright. “Without a coating, paper cups become soft and unusable after 20 minutes. We had to come up with a coating that would resist heat transferring to the hand, while breaking down safely in the environment. The results have been gratifying and my customers seem extremely happy.”

Coming in 9, 12, and 16-ounce sizes, the cups have already been sold to cafés and restaurants across the GTA and Canada.

Green Shift™ is the exclusive Canadian broker. Samples of the biodegradable hot drinking cup are available to the media.

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