Lawsuit Settlement Agreement

It is difficult to describe the feelings surrounding this event. We are happy that we technically “won” the battle but the damage and the set back is…. more than unfortunate. That being said, the reality is that everyday we are in a battle – whether it be with politicians, manufacturers or just fighting the system – there are many strong forces that are more about maximizing profits and making themselves look good, than there are about ethics, reality, profit with principles, and helping the greater good.

That being said, we have been pleasantly surprised to find some really great environmental leaders – companies, institutions and individuals who are really walking the talk and are right there with us in this fight for a greener world.

For everyone who stood by us, wrote in letters of support and helped to bring some justice to this legal battle, we sincerely appreciate your support and thank you for keeping us on track, cleaning up in this polluted minefield, and helping trudge this path to a greener world.

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