Local Environmental Company brings Green Solution to Consumer Beverage Market

Torontonians will increasingly find their beverage of choice poured into biodegradable cups, as a growing network of companies are supplying cups and other products made from sugarcane, corn or natural paper fibres with special certified, biodegradable coatings.

Many companies in Toronto, including Merchants of Green Coffee, Dark City and the new Cherry Bomb Café© on Roncesvalles Avenue have already been serving steaming hot coffee from the new cups. Between classes, students and faculty at Upper Canada College and patrons at Fressen and Ra Ra Raw – vegan restaurants on Queen Street and in Kensington Market, are quaffing down drinks out of clear cold cups that will biodegrade within 50 days in commercial compost, a little longer if in landfill.

It’s all part of a ‘green shift’ engineered by Green Shift™ – a Toronto-based environmental company founded by consultant Jennifer Wright. The cups are just one of a series of products being touted to shift society away from polystyrene and other problematic petroleum derived plastics that Wright calls a “toxic nightmare that should have been banned long ago.”

“There are many reasons, including the fact that there is no record in history of the traditional cups ever breaking down in landfill and polystyrene being made with benzene, a known carcinogen,” said Wright.

“Not to mention the dependency these traditional products have on the petroleum industry and non-renewable resources.”

While Wright says that there is still some green shifting needed in areas involving agricultural feeds, the new cups are a revolutionary product representing a new era in plastics altogether. To top it off, those now supplying the new cups report that some are beating the prices of their toxic cousins.

Biodegradable hot and cold cups are available to media and distributors from Green Shift™.

Phone: (416) 925-9665

Green Shift™ was founded in 2000 as a consulting agency offering advice and referrals. Green Shift™ is a ‘Channel Your Profit’ Company that works at various levels to help make it easy and cost effective for all business to be green. Located in Toronto, Green Shift™ operates throughout North America.

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