Tragically Hip – on board with Green Shift™!

Two days of fantastic weather, a most fabulous venue at Old Fort York, and one of Canada’s favorite bands with an absolutely outstanding performance – couldn’t ask for anything more really but a proud announcement thanking Green Shift™ and the greenshifting they helped make a reality was sure a great addition! For this concert, all beer was served in biodegradable cups, all energy was derived from renewable resources, and there were booths on site promoting important environmental issues.

Green Shift™ founder Jennifer Wright was particularly excited to have received a personal call from lead singer, Gord Downie, as they are one of her favorite bands, and Jennifer spent many years analyzing CD packaging, and appreciating the Hip for being extremely progressive in words and action.

Green Shift™ was also happy for the opportunity to work with Toronto’s Amsterdam brewery, who was very supportive and fundamental in bringing it all together.

For this event, 40 000 standard polystyrene cups were diverted from landfill and replaced with cups that are made from 100% renewable resources, 100 % petroleum free, and 100% biodegradable. There is a lot more to be done but this was a great example of some great shifting in the right direction.

For anyone and everyone ready go green, please contact us. Or… to directly sign up for energy from renewable resources, please contact BullFrog at To learn more about the great WaterKeepers please visit

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