Green Weddings:

Ah, the elation of a late summer wedding. With the tremulous lilt of cicadas in the air, the vivacious blossom of flowering peonies, and the smouldering yet fragile love of two humans manifested in an ancient ceremony of togetherness, what could possibly be better?

Often, the most evident and unfortunate detritus of this otherwise magical day is the astounding amount of generated waste, especially in an outdoor affair. Destined for landfill (the waste that is, not the marriage), “til death do us part” takes on new meaning when much of it will linger for hundreds, if not thousands of years. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Green Shift™, through our Green Supply House, puts together custom packages to make sure that weddings can be harmonious on all levels (although we can’t take responsibility for your uncle who may have had one too many…).

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