What is Green Shift™?

Green Shift™ is as much a concept as it is a company. We are a Federal Incorporate of Canada and operate as a For Profit Organization because we believe that a Sustainable future rests not on hand outs from generous souls but on Profit with Principles. We set out to be a Model for what initially began as a plea to others. We call ourselves a “Channel For Profit” business because while we believe in profit, we believe in carefully channelling that profit and furthermore believe that it is the responsibility of all people and all companies to look out not just for themselves but for the greater good. Green Shift™ is a Facilitator of Environmental Stewardship accomplished through the Supply of products and services.

Who is behind Green Shift™ ?

The founder of Green Shift™ is Jennifer Wright – someone who has been passionate about nature and wildlife preservation from a very early age; beginning as a tag along at age 6-7 on a “Pollution Committee” of a small lake that went from being untouched to inhabiting a number of cottagers. Jennifer began educating people about the concerns of shampoos and detergents getting into the lakes, and through life continued examining the harmful impacts of people on our natural environment, and the exploration for alternatives. Jennifer has spent many years as an Environmental Auditor and Senior Environmental Analyst for the reputable U.S. and Canadian Environmental Certification Agencies – Green Seal and Canada ‘s Environmental Choice Program.

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Where does Green Shift™ operate?

Green Shift™ headquarters are in Toronto, Canada . We are involved in consulting contracts across North America and have communications around the world. Products are supplied wherever the volume size can justify the delivery, and otherwise we arrange for distribution channels that allow us to channel products through reduced shipping needs. So wherever you are, if you are genuine, we may be able to help each other.

What type of Services does Green Shift™ offer?

Green Shift™ offers customized services to various Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Organizations, often beginning with environmental assessments that look at a various areas involving waste, water, energy, procurement, pollution or anything that stands out as an environmental concern.

Companies who are interested in Green Products can use Green Shift as a sourcing and screening agent whereby arrangements are made with your current supplier, or can be delivered directly to your place of need. If you are a Responsible Manufacturer with Environmental Products we will likely include you in our reports and give free word of mouth advertising. For a better idea of the type of projects we handle, please see our list of services.

Why did Green Shift™ expand into Products?

Product Analysis and Assistance with Green Procurement was always a big component of the Consulting work. Supplying products directly is where things changed and this came about because it was a crucial link that was missing from the equation. While Green Shift™ did first try to inform, educate and/or convince suppliers to open up to these environmental solutions, they were all 1.resistant to change 2. prone to supporting or buying into green washing and 3.charging a premium for anything labelled environmental and thus limiting sales to “niche” markets. In cases where referrals had been given to the few environmental products that were supplied by these companies, repeat visits with clients proved that over time these suppliers defaulted back to supplying their toxic cousins – often claiming that these were the “new environmental products”. Whether we supply direct or simply ensure that suppliers are providing approved products, we wanted to make sure that well intentioned people were not being scammed by false marketing and/or accidentally supporting a company that has a bad track record.

What type of Products Does Green Shift™ offer?

We offer, refer, analyze and assist with product development on a wide variety of products – specifically focusing on alternatives to the mass use items that represent a serious concern and that should have been replaced long ago. Some further information can be found under Products, but if you are interested in something that you do not see, please contact us directly.

What makes Green Shift™ Unique?

Our company is about making it easy and cost effective for business to be green, and about a major Shift brought about from channeling support to good, responsible companies and institutions. Green Shift™ uses Products and Services as a means to an end, not as an end in itself – a unique marriage of consulting, product analysis, brokering, and distribution which results in a company very different from any traditional definitions. Green Shift™ was spawned from writing customized reports on Corporate Social Responsibility, before the term was really used, and thus we wanted an opportunity to test the theories – to represent a new type of company whereby Profit and Principles are one thing together and never looked upon as a choice of being anything but. We challenge clients and or customers to see beyond these traditional titles and to realize that Green Shift™ is not a Supply or Consulting Company but instead is a Facilitator of environmental stewardship.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

CSR refers to companies taking responsibility for the true cost of their business. It goes well beyond the business and economics classes of the twentieth century where nature and external costs were left out of the equation. Corporate Social Responsibility is about business looking at the big picture and stepping up to the challenge of operating in a manner that does not create and ignore the side effects of their business.

What is Green Washing?

Green Washing is what Green Shift™ is out to prevent – that is companies who are trying to make themselves look green when they in fact are not. Unfortunately this is extremely common; companies who think of environmental improvements as just another type of marketing game. Some common concerns include the lack of regulations and the blatant misuse of words like “biodegradable” and “environmental”, which are labeled on a slew of products that are anything but.

How does Green Shift™ guarantee advice or supply of Genuine Green Products?

A lot of hours! Staff at Green Shift™ have been involved in Product Analysis and Environmental Analysis for many years and utilize scientists on contract in many examinations. When it comes to chemicals, new ones are being produced faster than anyone can test them and manufacturers have a lot of leeway with Proprietary Ingredient Laws. Material Safety Data Sheets are only a window into products and when it comes to various plastics or other synthetic fibres we are dealing with similar issues without even having that window. In addition to using certification criteria from various reputable third party agencies as a minimum standard, Green Shift™ uses its own method of questioning in order to best assess the full situation. Green Shift™ analysis considers not just the products but also the companies behind the Products. While this does not offer a guarantee, if there are any doubts we are completely up front about it and generally would simply not offer it until we had better guarantees. Every case is unique and choices are made with the best of intentions and with the most information we can obtain. Everyone’s support is greatly appreciated as the more we grow the more we are able to influence and gain disclosure.

Does Genuine Green mean 100% Environmentally Friendly or Benign?

No, while we do strive for that, we do a life cycle analysis and carefully consider all of the factors involved. Our use of the word green is broad and encompasses a wide variety of environmental considerations, in addition to issues of human and animal rights and more. We look for what should be expected and analyze the reasons for anything that falls short. Genuine Green therefore means the best we can find, and the best of what can be expected – beyond preferable but sometimes short of 100%.

Are any Companies really Environmentally and/or Socially Responsible?

Yes. Unfortunately the very nature of a “Corporation” however does have tendencies to be pulled to the dark side. In attempt to cut costs, and in a belief that business is business, and not to be mixed or confused with “other issues”, many companies have pushed for practices that are often in conflict with CSR. Today CSR is paying off and even appealing to those who still really only care about the bottom line. Green Shift™ is fortunate to be involved with some great companies/institutions who are making changes because they care and not just because it is profitable (indicating they will stick it out even if/when the tides turn), but either way, as these organizations increasingly use Green Shift™ to improve their stewardship, we will soon tally our data and will be happy to list and report on some great Socially and Environmentally Responsible companies.

Where Does Green Shift™ fit in?

Green Shift™ is a vehicle for change; going down several avenues and collecting supporters along the way. Our goal is to weed through the Green Washers and ensure that we are shifting power into the hands of companies who are more deserving and trustworthy. Green Shift™ is here to help make it easy and cost effective for companies to be green, to ensure that the integrity of greenshifting companies is maintained and to become a growing voice that will work for years to come to bring about real change.

Who monitors Green Shift™?

Green Shift™ is a very open and communicative company. It provides information that can be checked and encourages people to always ask questions. One of its biggest roles is to ask the right questions, and to keep asking them. Unfortunately such probing and prodding can make us a bit of a thorn in the side of many companies, even though we are an aid to those we consider green. This is why your support is so important, as Green Shift is really a collective voice of Green Shifters and together we are making sure that our future will be genuinely green, and not hijacked by the green-washers.

Is Green Shift™ looking for help?

Absolutely! We would love your support as a client, customer or worker. In particular, the biggest help that anyone can give us is to support companies who are on board with Green Shift™, as that is what really will allow us, as a collective, to grow stronger and have more ability to further the movement.