Jennifer Wright, founder of Green Shift™, is an environmental consultant with a lifetime involvement in environmental preservation. Jennifer has worked with many types of business including extensive work projects on restaurants, hotels, commercial properties, manufacturing plants, retail stores and other institutions. Projects have ranged from full facility audits and assessments for the Canadian and US Environmental Certification Agencies, to long-term ongoing consultative assistance, as well as individual waste audits, analytical reports on products and materials, life-cycle analysis and installation of green purchasing principles. Green Shift™ has furthered these investigative services as an endorser and supplier of select environmental products. The goal is to make green shifting cost effective and easy for people and companies to use their purchasing dollars as a vote for environmental preservation. Located in Toronto, Ontario and operating throughout North America, Green Shift™ is a combination of consulting, brokering and distributing that is involved with product development and furthering market demand for many leading edge environmental solutions.