Environmental Assessments:
• Full facility Review
•  Written Assessment and Consultation

Waste Reduction Measures:
•  Waste Assessments, Plans for Reducing, Sourcing Recycling Markets… finding solutions.
•  City By-laws, Provincial Regulations, News updates
•  Local Contacts, Sourcing and Price Quotations on waste related matters.

Environmental Policy Development:
• Written commitment of environmental consciousness and a set of obtainable goals

Green Procurement:
•  Education about Eco-labels, Certifications and establishing Green Buying Criteria
•  Sourcing and/or Cost Analysis of any Environmental Products or Services
•  Supply of “green” products and services – please see

Marketing & Communications:
•  Analysis and Advice for reaching environmentally concerned consumers
•  Customized Materials for internal or external awareness building
•  Ideas for incentive programs, capturing media attention and gaining internet presence
•  Writing inserts for internal newsletter to promote staff awareness
•  Writing professional press releases for newspapers or magazine articles

Water & Energy Efficiency:
•  Water and Energy reduction assistance, general recommendations and helpful advice
•  Referrals and/or Negotiations with Service Suppliers
•  Critique of Proposals and/or Project Management for Renovations
•  Cost/Benefit Analysis

Miscellaneous Ongoing Assistance:
•  Consultations, Training and Implementation
•  Developing, Assisting and/or Chairing Environmental Committee Meetings
•  Providing answers or directions to questions, problems and set-backs
•  Defining priorities, goals, time frames and organizational structure to measure progress and returns
•  Defining measures needed to fulfill expectations and delegating roles & responsibilities